"Tour of America's Dairyland"....

....a series of bike races that take place all over Wisconsin for 2 weeks in June. Today's races were being held near our house, so my sister came and picked me up and we went to watch, as both her husband (pictured above, right in the middle, wearing the dark blue and lemon colored jersey with the "Wilde" on it) and her son (the first extra--Joe is the one right in the middle, wearing a red jersey with black and white coloring on the sleeves) raced today. It was really exciting & I sure learned a few things!  I learned that taking pictures of a rider in a race is extremely difficult as:  #1: they go way faster than you ever thought they did! #2: they're all so close together that it's hard to pick out your rider!  & #3: by the time you pick out your rider they're already past you!  HaHa!  But I still managed to get some really nice shots I think. The second shot in the extras was one that I didn't even realize I'd gotten until I saw the pictures on the computer--in the picture Joe is a bit ahead of the pack so is out by himself, & in the background just out of focus, is his dad, watching him! I thought that was very cool! :))

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