Edward VII Postbox

Today is my husband’s birthday and we often go to Cromer in Norfolk for the day. However the weather did not look too promising and as he is still wearing an orthopaedic boot, we decided against a visit to the seaside.
We went to Cambridge to visit the museums and have a day out, without doing any shopping. There were stops for breakfast, coffee and cake. We also collected his computer, which had been to the Apple shop for repair.
The journey home was interesting; it took an hour to do what is about a twenty-minute journey to the Park and Ride at Babraham. There were a lot of ambulances, police and ambulance cars rushing about and my daughter sent me a text to say the M11 northbound was closed. As we travelled past the railway station, the doors appeared to be shut and hundreds of people were outside. We looked out for our granddaughter as she catches a train at about that time. It seems that many trains had been cancelled and because people were in her way, she missed her normal train. We waited at the Park and Ride so that if necessary, she could get a bus and we could drive her home; this was not necessary, she caught the Stansted Express and her Mum picked her up.
During the evening when my husband was reloading data onto his computer, it produced the same fault, so it is back to Cambridge again in the morning.
Today’s picture is of an Edward VII postbox, I do not think I have blipped one of these before. Edward VII reigned from 22 January 1901 to the 6 May 1910 so there are quite a few of these still in existence, unlike those for Edward VIII who reigned for less than a year during 1936.

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