A Meandering Life...

By Skeena

Pre-Mono Monday 128 :: MM128 :: FREE

Or in the case of this part on my car: BREAKING FREE

This is a pre-Mono Monday Blip to announce tomorrow's theme and to give an example. The Tag is MM128.

To celebrate America's Independence Day on Monday 4th July I thought I'd go with the theme FREE

Naturally this is open to all kinds of interpretations and can be as easy or as hard as you wish to make it.

As for my sick car it appears it will be back to the workshop again. For those who want to know the technical side of things this is the front off side stabiliser bar link. The top nut has sheered off taking a part of the threaded bar with it. I have added an extra to show how it should look...

After driving all the way down to the Loire Valley and back this week I think this happened on the home stretch on the M2. I heard an object hit the under side of the car and thought I had run over some debris on the road.  

Looks like Matilda will be breaking free from her garage again this week! ;o)

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