One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Thermic shock

It has to be said that even by poxy Irish summer standards it was a paltry 13 degrees (I kid you not) when we followed the most irritating pensioner in a Saab in a very very full long term car park.

One delayed Ryanair flight later and we were hit in the face by precisely what we looking for: hot air aplenty, not of the corporate type in a PowerPoint presentation.

Met up with the family who surprised us at the airport (thanks Joel for the welcome sign), but I was kind of distracted as the guy from the car rental agency was just doing his job, and tried to screw for all I was worth (not much).

Checked into the apartment we are renting from Alfonso through Airbeebeebee and a very cool apartment it is too. In a not too hot kind of way, meaning that I was able to sleep reasonably well in my sweat-soaked sheets.

Shit, it's good to feel some heat.

And to swim in the Atlantic without wondering if you will ever see your testicles again.

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