Chick dinner time!

I didn't feel very well last night when I went to bed, so was hoping a decent nights sleep would help. I did feel a bit better when I woke, so got up and went in to work as normal. That seemed enough to exhaust me, but I plodded through the day and did what I needed to do. I can't wait for our holiday in 3 and a bit weeks. At lunchtime I went to the futon shop to have a look guessed it, futons! Just looking.

I left at 4.40, went home via Cromer for diesel, getting in at 6. Mollie had cooked dinner for herself and the boys, and I had a weightwatchers lasagne. I'm still trying!

When I went to see how the chicks were doing, 3 out of 5 were standing on the top of their brooder (the heated yellow thing that they sit under to keep warm). Their wing feathers are developing quickly, and I fear it wont be long before they just fly out of the box. So, if anyone has a chicken house or egloo they no longer need or want, that they want to donate or sell me, please let me know! I will need something for them, or for my other hens who currently have the egloo, very soon. All our old hen houses were quite rotten & well used. They had to be left at Wandlebury when we had to move. I understand everything we left was burned in a big fire. They wanted to eradicate any last trace of our existence I think!

I dont feel great now, so I've put my pjs on, and now just need to sit and wait for 9.30 and the final of the sewing bee.

Conservatory is still fab. But things are migrating there. Must ensure they have all gone by Wednesday when Jon gets back!

More sunny days please.

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