Rosa Ballerina with Weeds

This is what happens if you go AWAL for 2 months from your duties as head gardener.

Since it was a lovely day I thought it would be a good idea to go home for a while. I had to deter my visitor from coming here but she came over to the house and we had tea and she brought strawberries and Creme Frais.

The garden has put on a ridiculous amount of growth in terms of plants and weeds. I couldn't help pulling out a few which were about 3 feet tall. I did manage to get around with my sticks but the steps were tricky. I've done a lot more exercise than I would have done here which I may well pay for in pain and soreness tomorrow morning.

Mr AF was a great help fetching me things and making sure I didn't brain myself walking about. He made a good dinner ....... Salmon was requested and took me back here.

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