The Still Before The Storm

The GOFest starts tomorrow. Everyone's arriving at some point through out the day. So today has technically been the day to finish things off and polish up what the final details. I was so drained when I walked out of the office (it's why this is the only photo I took today). It's been a full day, sitting behind my computer, working on various tasks in regards to the teams. I think I've seen the applicants' photos so many times over the last few days that I think I know many of them by name, or at least recognise which team they're from. I was going to do my laundry but didn't have time as the slots were full after the time I had originally taken; I needed to bike to Epe to do something and highly doubted I'd make it home in time; I didn't. It rained on my way home and my lower legs got soaked (wet jeans aren't nice to wear when you're cold).

A week to go until I fly out to South Africa... and eight days until I see my family again!

I Might end up taking photos over the next few days and then back blipping them early next week, as I don't know what to expect with how busy the next few days are going to be.

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