I'm not sure which of the several performances taking place in Old College this man is preparing for, but the whole place was certainly a hive of activity as I passed through on the way back to work after lunch. In fact, having just seen him catch whatever he is holding, which was thrown up to him, I think we could probably draft him into the England cricket squad. But there seems to be something of a theme of men at work today.

Lunch was spent with a colleague, eating a very nice burger and sitting in George Square, which is awash with Festival activity, and being interrupted every two minutes by someone trying to get us to go to some sort of 'performance'. We pointed out, politely to start with and then in increasingly irritated tones, that we weren't free this afternoon, we both had meetings to go to, we worked here, and in fact we were working right now (we were discussing a research collaboration). It's always a matter of high incongruity dealing with being around George Square and Old College during the Festivals, and seeing the men in suits mixing with the holiday makers and the arty festival types.

Anyway, having looked up the performances due in Old College from tomorrow onwards, I have to say they look quite interesting and original. As my colleague earlier on pointed out, a festival should surely be about supporting innovation and something new, not the same old tired (and tiring) stuff. I think neither of us fond of the verbal wallpaper which is all most Fringe comedy frankly amounts to. But maybe I'll give these happenings in OC a go, not least because it makes a very atmospheric venue indeed, and I like outside performances.

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