Towsy Tikes

By Carlin123

Weeds are plants in the wrong place

I'm fairly certain the yellow flower is evening primrose and I know the other is stinging nettles. If I'm right those are two of the most effective herbal remedies known. Oil of evening primrose is used for controlling flushes on menopausal women. The other is greatly maligned. According to the Doctrine of Signatures it heals what causes. Traditionally nettles are used in poultices to take the sting out burns from the sun or otherwise. I don't know if it does or not, I use after sun. I have used it in another way though. It's very good for blood issues. Obviously it's rich in iron and helps that way. However if dried and its leaves crushed, when used as snuff it's supposed to cure nose bleeds. There you go, I didn't know I d remembered all that.

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