Dundee Riverfront

A day of mixed emotions, especially for my husband who had to part with his beloved car of nine years for the new (to us) one.  We picked up the new car from the dealer in Dundee and then parked up by the Riverfront to read the instruction book and find out what all the switches do!  Everything but make the tea, it would appear and we may yet find a switch for that too:-)

Called in to Discovery Point for lunch and a chance to look at blipper Neil Barr's wonderful exhibition of prints.  This sculpture is tucked behind the building and was gifted to the city by a former Lord Provost.

A careful drive home and then an afternoon spent reloading the new car with all the junk taken out of the old one. Of course, nothing goes where it did before, so there were a few moans but think he is going to be really happy with this one if he gives it a chance!  Photo of it in Extras just for my record.

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