Towsy Tikes

By Carlin123

Not a total waste of a day

This is a flash drive that can be used for iPhones and iPads. I no longer have a laptop, where should I store my photos when I go on holiday. This comes with a story. I ordered something from a shop to be delivered to that shop. I paid with pay pal. 2wks later and about 3 months ago, I saw this advertised on FB. HO HO , thought I, the very thing. Long story short due to a pay pal fubar it was sent to the shop I had previously ordered from. No problem thought I will contact PayPal and the company. Emails to the company just bounced so I raised a dispute with PayPal. NEVER AGAIN! If you don't have something which exactly fits your needs, forget it. Two weeks ago PayPal dismissed my claim because I couldn't provide tracking details. Then today in pops a wee email confirming delivery to the shop. I phoned the shop and picked it up. I don't feel quite such a fool now. Tell you what though, don't buy one its quality is .... Lacking.

In other news I completed my first exam in about 18 years and I am now ⅓ of the way to having a second string to my bow.

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