Empty Plains & Dried Up Riverbeds

We went for two game drives today but didn't see much in terms of wildlife. We saw a giraffes, a few nyala, a couple of warthogs, tortoises, elephants and loads of impala, but nothing in terms of leopards, lions or cheetah. It was sad as we spent several hours driving along the roads where lions had been spotted today and we just missed seeing a leopard. It came down from a tree and then disappeared into the bush along a dried up riverbed. We also helped these ladies move their car, as they'd gotten one of their wheels caught in a hole. So a few people lent a handy.
We went out briefly before the lodge gates were closed. Again we saw nothing beyond the above mentioned list of animals. That's when I took this photo. We came back to the camp and had a lovely dinner around the braai.
We're driving back home tomorrow.

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