Dick's Pics

By RichardDonkin

Silver Spotted Skipper

My first, and a devil to find. We'd been to this spot - Brockham limeworks (now a nature reserve) near Dorking a few days earlier and found nothing. This time I saw a clutch of three of these butterflies as soon as I got there and found them scattered across the site. But they were difficult to photograph - small and flighty in the sunny conditions. Also, they tend to sit down low when they land and, just as you've got down to one, it's off. I'll be lucky to get any more new (to me) species this year. There's still time to find a brown hairstreak but I'm running out of available days.

A friend has asked me to help take his boat down to Gibraltar but I just don't have the available time. A couple of weeks earlier and I might have done so.

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