Learning day by day

By EmmaF

Off to tennis

Baby ballerina still in bed, but not asleep, the boy headed off to the second day of his tennis camp. He is loving it. Traffic was terrible so I was glad we walked, on the way back I was walking faster than the cars were moving.

Back home bun was sorted and then we set off for summer school. Yesterday was repertoire,  today was pilates and then character. She was very tired when she came home.

I collected Will and we went to The White House Play Café for our monthly BfN dropin. We saw three mums which was great and Will was superbly behaved, eating his lunch, then reading and colouring. He was well rewarded by the owner of the café giving him a chocolate cake.

Back home Carys helped cut the lawn while Will did some violin. They had tea and then we headed off for Will's swimming lesson. Carys came for a swim too. They should both sleep well tonight, as will I if I could just stop watching the Olympics!

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