By Purko

Oslo Tourismo

Since I was not going to run the WRE event today, and Charlotte decided not to, she suggested that we spend a day exploring Oslo City centre. I hopped onto the tunnelbane which took me straight to the central station. From there we exited South, which took us immediately to the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet building, a magnificent granite and marble building. From there we walked to the cathedral, with some impressive ceiling paintings,. This area is the oldest part of the city, very pretty with different pastel coloured buildings in yellow, pink, cream and white. We made our way through the streets towards Akershus fortress (extra), on the way was the Museum of Contemporary Art, the square directly in front of which, is where the blip is taken. Akershus Fortress, built in the 1290s, has several layers of walls and holds a commanding position in the middle of the harbour. After a bite to eat for lunch in the docks, we made our way to Slottsparken and the Royal Palace, the official residence of the reigning monarch - striking similarities to Buckingham Palace

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