Crash landing!

Staying on the jet ski proved challenging!

What a scorcher of a day! After a morning at work, I headed home for the afternoon and after a quick library visit to get more books for Leo's challenge, I spent the next hours or so inflating all Leo's summer fun bits and bobs. He then had great fun in the garden. He especially liked launching himself through a big blow up hamster wheel type thing to belly flop into the pool! As his cameraman I was soon almost as wet as him!

And then in the evening I went bellringing - it was great to go back. I had to drive there but I made it up and down the tower without any problem and my foot didn't play up at all :) So even if serious plodding is still a way off, it looks like ringing is back in the cards! And luckily it looks like ringing is just like riding a bike and you can get back into it without a problem after a gap as your arms remember what to do :)

It was a good night as another band came along so we had enough to rung all 10 bells. I even managed to lower the bell in time which I am usually completely hopeless at! I think it helped that I was on a heavier bell than usual. Leo came along to watch and listen. He always likes to come along - although I think that may be because I let him choose a drink and sweets when he comes, to keep him occupied whilst we ring.

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