The scarecrow scared the teams away! And I wondered who had wanted to annul the matches that would have taken place. What would have been a highlight and a climax was distorted and scared away the audience too.
Later I found the bird teams in the bushes, on the branches of the trees and the swallows had simply gone back to their main tasks namely feeding the babies in their nests.
Somehow the birds had taken it with lightness and did not complain, we live most of the time without worrying about the next day or the day after that. We have faith in Nature, because Nature provides us with everything we need. Happy little birds, I thought. Wished I could develop the same attitude.....

Thanks to dbifulco for hosting the Alternative Olympic Games, it is one of the last days of this marvellous challenge,

In August I am hosting the Derelict Sunday Challenge, and the tag for the 21th of August is #DS44 or Delerict Sunday44. Can't wait to see what pretty picture you are coming up with.

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