I love writing! Always have.
I'm convinced I've got a book in me, just waiting to be written!
I just need to come up with a title.
And a plot.
And a genre.
Hee hee, one day!!
Tomorrow is the anniversary of the day Mr K and I first met.
A nerve-racking blind date with some bloke I'd met on the internet.
But I didn't feel as if I was meeting someone I didn't know. I was meeting someone I was already half in love with.
Reading Mr K's profile on Match.com I loved the words he used and the sense of himself that he managed to convey. He was obviously someone different and special.
The two weeks we spent emailing each other were magical. So many thousands of words.... Getting to know each other, sharing memories and gradually - tentatively - entwining our lives almost without realising we were doing it.
We were in no hurry to meet or speak. It was the writing that was special. I think we both knew that it was an extraordinary time and would end once we met and the new chapter began.
I remember late nights spent in front of the computer just writing - or waiting for - one last message. And then just one more.....
It was an incredibly heady time.
The reason for my nerves before our meeting was the fear that we wouldn't have the same connection in "real life"; that the future I was already visualising wouldn't materialise.
But of course it did!
We both wrote our own vows for our wedding earlier this year. Writing them reminded me of those early days - thinking about each word; wanting it to be just right!
I remember how I felt on this day six years ago. The writing was about to stop and - after a brief wobble on my part - the happy ending was about to begin.....

August Challenge:
1. Outside
2. One
3. Coin
4. Somewhere you sat
5. Logo
6. Writing
7. 8 o'clock
8. Glasses
9. Messy
10. Ring
11. Purple:
12. Spoon
13. Simple
14. Arrow
15. Ready
16. Food
17. Faces
18. Inside
19. Hole
20. Today
21. Cool
22. Home
23. Pair
24. Path
25. Fresh
26. Dream
27. Tap
28. Clock
29. Down
30. Card
31. Hidden

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