I couldn't sleep last night...

... nightmares, so I made a cuppa and went out into the night sky and sat on my wooden bench for a few hours, until dawn.

As you can see Popeye joined me and kept my lap warm.

It was actually a fantastic night sky. So clear. So many stars and constellations.

I watched a satellite make its way through the stars. And I saw one shooting star!

There was one star that was particularly bright from where I was sitting. I have half a dozen different star apps on my phone so I checked it out. It was Vega in the small constellation of Lyra.

At one time 30 years or so ago when I sat out in the night skies I had huge books which told me of all the night skies. I had a telescope then. I was even compiling a notebook of all the legends on the stars I most commonly saw. It took time researching at the library and writing all this down.

Nowadays you just tap on to a browser and all your legends associated with the stars come up. Seconds or less it takes to find out information. Here is the link for Lyra if you want to read the legend surrounding it http://www.ianridpath.com/startales/lyra.htm

I still have all my star charts and old star books.

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