Little Buck

Busy day. Arvin went to his little group. Right now there are only three men in that group so it is truly little. According to the ladies that run it those three guys get along great. Lately Arvin rarely says he has a good time at his groups so I wasn't surprised when he said it was "okay but nothing special" today. No worries. I was happy to have a morning to myself. 

I was busy getting some paintings together to hang at the Old World Deli on Thursday. Trish texted me and asked how many Venice paintings I had left. Of the fourteen I painted there are six left. So I made tags for them, framed one that was unframed, and got them ready to take down Thursday morning to hang. I like doing that. I've had my paintings in several places but not this one yet. So it will be good to have them there.

I also did the wash. After Arvin got home we went shopping and I picked up some meds for him. When we got home we went out to talk to Raven, our wonderful gardener. We gabbed for awhile as she pulled weeds. She is the reason our garden looks so good. 

Arvin took a nap. I fed the birds and took some photos. Then I went out front to see what the crows were all complaining about. Never did find out but I did catch a glimpse of this fellow, one of the young bucks in the neighborhood. I never see the ones with big racks but there are several who are about this age. I decided to take a break from birds and blip this fellow.

Arvin and I watched a movie called "Uncle Nino" tonight. We both liked it. And we watched a taped episode of "Whose Line is it Anyway." That is one of our favorite shows.

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