Learning day by day

By EmmaF

Getting there

How long has this blanket taken? Almost there, one and a half rounds of the border to go. It WILL be done by the weekend.

Today was a mess as far as plans went. Originally I had planned Legoland, but when I went to book I couldn't, assuming it was shut I parked those plans, only to find last night that it is indeed open! However I had committed to the BfN drop in by then, as all the helpers had first day of school going on. So plan B was Pots of Art 10-12 then drop in, that was scuppered by the first available appointment for Dr. A (about C's persistent cough) being at 10.10.

In the end C finished her homework, W went scooting with Jim, C and I went to GP, where we are no further forward, then on to Claire's (shoot me now!) and ended up having coffee before collecting Will and heading to drop in. They were both really good there. Will had tennis and C stayed with Jim and then the day was over.

One more day of summer2016 and it will be better than today.

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