But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave

Incy Wincy.

Another day of catching up with myself, updating the cinema website and so on, I even managed to post yesterday’s Blip and take herself out for coffee with some old friends.
While out with Merlin on a short walk, the old boy can’t manage too much these days, we noticed this spider. Her web is an angle of forty-five degrees to the horizontal and she is hanging underneath it; so what look like eyes peering at the camera are really her palps used for  feeling her way around or, in some species, as semaphore flags to talk to a mate before eating him. We’re pretty sure that this is a female as there was a smaller one that kept walking onto her web and then running away as soon as she turned to face him. Mating is a dangerous occupation for many species of male spiders, and so I will leave you with that happy thought.
Thanks are due to dbifulco for hosting the Tiny Tuesday challenge this week.

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