But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave

Dunbar Harbour.

The cycle run was to Dunbar today, and with a westerly wind it was hard work riding home during the afternoon. The harbour seemed ideal for a fish-eye shot for the Wide Angle Wednesday challenge and showed me that I need to do some work on a few aspects of my photography. Life would become quite boring if I were ever able to master the art and, while I wouldn’t dream of comparing myself with superb craftsmen like Ansel Adams, I’m quite sure that even he felt that he had a lot left to learn.
The curve of the foreground was quite serendipitous and is due entirely to the distortion of the lens; with it comes the effect of the sloping ground which I find grates somewhat: I must really learn how to use the warp tools to modify this. 
The other issue was the need to use HDR, though I only used two exposures; I combined them manually which raises the second problem. While I regularly use the Nik filters, including the “HDR Efex Pro” on a single image, I find that I am unable to use it to merge images and achieve realistic results. Homework is required, together with the time to do it.
Thanks are due to Bobsblips for hosting today’s challenge.

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