The new students arrived today-queues of cars dropping them off and leaving, emptier and no doubt tearful afterwards. Seems such a long time ago that I dropped M, T and A at their various new homes. Sigh....
We went for a walk along Porty beach this morning although the sun was struggling to break through, then brunch at the Espy (weird menu-don't think we'll bother again) before home and G very kindly rehung my curtain rail (very old plaster's not very helpful!).
After they left I walked over to Bruntsfield then off to garden centre to get V some plants for her birthday. Unbelievably had Christmas displays up-couldn't bring myself to blip those!
Planted up my kitchen window box then dinner and a pile of ironing.-what an exciting life!
In the evening crocodiles of the new students were being shepherded down my street to get to the freshers events at Bristo Sq. All that anxiety, anticipation and enthisiasm .....a potent mix! And their poor mothers driving home with empty cars :(

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