Kneipp Basin

I had company at the Kneipp basin today!

I had just finished my lonely "stork walk" when two more cyclists came by and a few minutes later even the caretaker (green shirt) of the basin showed up.
He joined the couple in their stork walk and they allowed me to take photos.

It was fun - and we learned a little about the basin:
The spring water is 8°C (always), drinkable and the 6-year-old basin is higly frequented. Surprised me - today was the first time I met someone there. The basin is 300 m off the cycle lane.
It has not been damaged once (even bigger surprise). The artist who did the Elwetritsche surrounding the basin is from my hometown (I had no idea).
(look here for the Elwetritsche - last years photo)

We all took off when a huge dog with his owner showed up. Not because of the dog, but watching his owner take off
a) his shoes and
b) his socks and
c) his pants and
d) presenting himself in his underpants was too much for one day. ;)

Only 35 km on the bike today but no train ride in between, only this very refreshing stop at the basin.

20:40 CEST 22,2°C
(blip no. 777)

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