We need the bees

..................for sure we do. Well this one is very busy pollinating a foxglove (biennial) that seeded itself there. I've been trying to get rid of the normal foxgloves that seed themselves but I won't do that in future as if I get more of these I will be happy and they have an upright stance and those pretty pink flowers. I'm always looking for the new type perennials but haven't got one of them yet. Talking about plants as I am prone to

Went down to nurse to check out the bandaging system ie no bandage (great....that came from the  plastic surgeon as he didn't think it necessary.........great ) Nurse was doing her very best and she is great and double checks everything. I asked her about Opsite as I had had experience of it .....totally waterproof .......want to have that before holiday so that I dont have to take a plastic palaver leg shield with me. She agreed and ordered them.

The rest of the day I did gardening and Mr AF helped me although (but no problem ) he was in and out watching our hero Andy Murray.

i worked a lot in the garden today. I was so shattered when I came in ....well actually all the time but my motivation and determination are back so that is great. Also I had very little trouble with my legs today although I do have a problem of ...........suddenly ....like a torn muscle.......This is the 3rd or 4 time it has happened but its always gone away.

Here is hoping and looking forward to our weeks holiday in the south of France with part of the family and I will have the baby to play with and Grandad will have Jody to play with. They engage very well. We will mix and match with the parents.

Mr AF is making an interesting Chinese dinner...................Oh dear I have put back on some weight................Well its a good sign in one way. !!!!!! The extra photo is the NEW foxglove. Anyone wan't the seeds ????

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