Opening Parliament

It's Prinsjesdag (Prince's Day) here in the Netherlands, when the new year for the national parliament is opened by the king, who gives a speech to the government. The speech is written by the Prime Minister (and I think it outlines the plans for the coming year). It's a day when the people of The Hague Den Haag come out to see the procession to the Houses of Parliament. It's a grand affair with many security personnel as well as military, in both full military dress and fatigues, and mounted troops. There's canon firing and a lot of drama. I felt very patriotic being Dutch. I've added some extra photos to give you an idea of the parade today.

It's been another long day. We started with the staff meeting, but my day began earlier with gym. My ankle feels better but I'm still being careful. I worked on some more stuff and we had a meeting for how the calendar's going to look for the next three months. Then work for the Connect Conference in Sidcup in November and then during lunch we saw the parade. I worked on a blog for Impact and am now on the bus home. Seems I'm posting a lot of my photos when I'm on the bus home. I just need to keep an eye out that I don't miss my stop. I'm trying not to be annoyed by the poor taste in music of the man sitting next to me.

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