Lucas Boatworks

Steve's home away from home is Lucas Boatworks, where he works on various projects made from wood and foam and metal and fiberglass . . . but he is not making this boat! This is Jim's boat. 

Steve has made tables out of my father's saved hardwoods and he has re-worked discarded but usable boat hulls into new boats of his own design. He's made gorgeous lightweight kayak paddles and even painted them artistically-sweet! Recently he's made scratching posts and dry food "puzzles" to make feeding more of a challenge/exercise for our cats. They have a number of Tractors in the boatyard (for moving boats) and he has done a lot of work on those too. He made me a stand-up paddle board that was an experiment but lasted for a couple of years and was a lot of fun. He's happy "making things" and doing what inspires him. Hmmm, that sounds like me! 

I like to make sure I get over to the shop often enough to take some photos, and so if you are interested in what it's like, there are more here. It is quite the place! Also included are some shots of our pups, on the boat ride over to the boatworks -all from 9/17. We are lucky enough to live across the river . . . and it is beautiful. 

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