This is the view from my new bedroom. I'd have posted a photo of my new room but I need to sort some stuff out. It's been a rather difficult day to get through. My computer problems have gotten worse. I thought it was only the charger that problematic, but it appears to be much worse… some connection inside the computer itself, as the computer still hadn't been charging properly (even using the cable of a friend) and it's also been turning itself off (like as if the battery's dead). This has lead me to the conclusion that there's probably a problem with the battery. I'm not going to write more about that as I can feel my levels of frustration rising, and to some degree, despairing a bit that it'll turn out okay.

I didn't go to the gym as I still need to get the lights sorted out on my bike. If I left early, like I did last week, I'd be biking in the dark, which is illegal to do if you don't have working lights. I'm planning to do that later this week. So I'm hoping to fit gym in on Wednesday at some point. I'm hoping I'll have time.

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