As I wake up, I listen…..
I can hear rain
     battering on the window
No point in rushing
     to get up then!
I lie in bed –
          in the warmth
and listen…..
     and snooze.
But eventually I decide
     that I need to get up.
I draw back the curtains
     and see the rain still
         lashing down
and watch
    the plants being tossed
          to and fro in the wind.
So I grab my phone
     and take a few shots
          looking out into the garden.....
               one of them might do for
Abstract Thursday.
After a bit of “fartnarkling”
     here is “Optical Illusion”.
It looks like an abstract,
     and if you stand on your head
          you might just see something.
Go on…..
     I DARE YOU!!
“Things are not always what they seem;
     the first appearance deceives many;
          the intelligence of a few
               perceives what has been
carefully hidden.” 
Phaedrus (c. 15 BC – c. 50 AD)

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