"Big & Small, Scales of Perception, Optical Illusions" was todays theme for Abstract Thursday.
My entry is not abstract, but it came to a very surreal situation.
Here is the story:

After P.'s move back home all folding yardstick have disappeared. 
So I couldn't go on with building my furnitures.
That's why I went to a building centre called "toom" to buy another one, after T.s therapie. T. was very happy with the new stick and when we left the centre she showed me a huge poster advertising with the same yardstick. I would never have noticed that. But I realized that could be the perfect blip for Roberts AT theme (I was struggeling with it all day long). 
I dropped Omo and the shopping it the car, fetched the camera and went back.
We used the parking space for disabled persons and had a lot fun. 
It was everything but easy to get T. and her hands (and me) into the right position - with a smile on her lips :-D
Suddenly a car appeared, obviously the driver planed to enter just "our " parking space. (There were lots of others free, even for disabled). I showed him the camera but he didn't understand. So I went to his side to ask him friendly to use another parking space, but he didn't react and drove on...straight towards T. !!!
 I battered onto his bonnet and shouted STOP STOP,  but he drove on until he touched T. She lost her balance and dropped under his car. 
(T. is disabled. She has no sence for danger and caused of motorical problems she can't react quick or go backwards)
I was soooo angry. The driver was a very old man who had no idea what he did. Within seconds there was a big angry crowd.
They helped me to get T. onto her feet again, asked for the police and the ambulance and wanted to be witness, and told the driver he should better never drive again...
But T. seemed to be okay, only her backside hurt and she started to cry because of the scare and the agitately atmosphere. So we needed no ambulance or police. After everybody calmed down, the driver offered his apologizes. 
And we left, glad that T. wasn't injured. 
Her guardian angle did a great job!

The whole situation was so surreal...
So it is a surreal blip, not an abstract one, but a special blip for me and T.

If you like to smile, here is a short, funny and genius video about optical illusions. Enjoy!

I'll be out of blip until Monday. We will be in the north of the Nederlands for visiting J.s family at the long weekend. 
All kids will accompany us - I'm curious how long it stay peacefull ;-)

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