Ice Cream!

After a very late night last night, I had to get up at 7AM this morning to get Jae up and off to football. Needless to say, once he was up and eating his breakfast, I went back to bed for a while to get some much needed sleep!

Once up, I made a sausage casserole to take over to Jeri's with us.

We went over and had a lovely afternoon with them all. The boys had ice creams from the van when it came round, and I took a few shots of the mess and fun they had eating them! 

While we were there, Brian noticed that the Grand Final tickets were going on general release at 4PM today rather than tomorrow morning, so he got on his tablet and bought our tickets there and then!

So on Saturday we will be heading over to Old Trafford - how exciting! I can't wait!

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