The future?

Could look like this I suppose... "Ladda din elbil" "Charge your electric car".

I saw this rather tasty charging post for electric cars, at the swimming pool in Sundsvall this afternoon. There were several of them in a line, on my way to (gulp) work! I was doing some langugae work with a former colleague at the university.

Had more needles from the lovely Lasse, I am frisky again now and my battered lungs seem to have regenerated. :-) No more medicine now, except for the trusty Chinese wonder drops. And vitamin D, and Omega-3. Monja (the house hound) licked my nose and brought me her massive Teddy to throw. Acceptance from a canine friend, it feels so good!

It was a brilliant sunny day again, but the thermometer dipped to a big fat zero as we drove home. I expect there will be a hard frost tonight as the sky is clear. The new moon put in an appearance as well. It's getting crisper by the day, and I have to be honest - I love it!

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