Dave Lucas (of Lucas Boatworks) wanted to come over and check out our Lanai construction . . . I think, any excuse for a boat ride! So Dave, Stan, Steve, Asia, Chloe, Cessna and Tuck took a trip over in Dave's boat Lurlyne (hand built by him at the Boatworks). Asia is up front with Stan, Cessna is in the back with Steve and Chloe & Tuck are . . . somewhere! 

Dave was amazed how much taller the ceiling seemed -see the "extra" photo. It is about a foot taller now to accommodate 2 ceiling fans and get it the same height as our inside ceilings. I think it will be great! The electrician is scheduled for tomorrow. We have a Tropical Storm Watch in effect for the next 48 hrs with a 20-40 mph wind anticipated, but the Hurricane should stay clear of the Sarasota Bradenton area. Lets hope and pray for the people on the East Coast who will most likely receive the brunt of this storm.... 

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