By BernardYoung

Very Into Poetry

National Poetry Day today. Theme is messages. I've been in a school and performed lots of my poems (two included below) and the children wrote some new ones of their own.

Message From A Miserable Tortoise

To whom it may concern,

Don’t expect
to see me today.

I’m fed up.

You can knock as hard as you like.
I’m not coming out.
Not even for a lettuce leaf.

I’m a hard nut to crack.
An unsociable bone.

Leave me alone.


Dear Teacher,
my body’s arrived
it sits at a table
a pen in its hand
as if it is able
to think and to act
perhaps write down the answer
to the question you’ve asked

but don’t let that fool you.
My mind is elsewhere.
My thoughts far away.

So apologies, teacher,
I’m not here today.

And two of the children sent me a message...

Dear Mr Poet

Dear Mr Poet
I’m out of ideas
And don’t I know it.
If I don’t get started
I’ll be here all night
And that’s just not right!

Dear Mr Poet
Thanks for the lesson,
To you I owe it.
My ideas were great.
I picked up a pen
And wrote them down.
Miss gave me a ten.

Dear Mr Poet
Thanks again.

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