Learning day by day

By EmmaF

Cursive handwriting homework

I've been dreading this. I remember the hysterics Carys (the ultra perfectionist) had over the nightly homework whilst yr2 spent two weeks learning cursive. Will has just got on with it, apart from a point today when he wanted to do something else, but it quickly passed. Not that he isn't a perfectionist, just if he isn't happy he does another line. It constantly amazed me how different my two children are.

Violin went well this morning. Orchestra beckons in Jan, but with it brings issues as to when his actual lesson can be. We are trying to sort this out. Trip to pick up library books, then coffee and homework and avoidance of the rain.

We all had a lazy afternoon, the kids watched The Borrowers and the The Croods. Carys and I headed to church as the Bishop was attending. Her face when she realised I was doing the offertory and she was leading us!

Had planned a zoo trip tomorrow, but we will have to see how everyone is and what the weather is up to.

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