Misty Morning

The temperature is dropping quite considerably each morning and it's not getting warmer. So I had to buy a jacket. I can't believe that summer is over for another year and I've just got another freezing European winter to look forwards to. It's awful. I'm dreading the cold winter that's coming. My sister's so fortunate to be going to South Africa, which makes it so much harder for me being here in Europe when the four people I love the most are so almost 9,000km away enjoying the South African summer when I'm living through an other cold winter. I'll make it.

I biked into the centre early to meet the other staff of the Trailblazers (the 9-12 year old Sunday school group) for breakfast and then went to gym after school. I took this photo on route to church. I then spent ages trying to find a jacket. It's a tricky thing to find, a jacket. I'm quite fussy about this type of thing, so I couldn't find a jacket I liked that I could afford. I did in the end. I'm happy with it.

The extra is what my hair looked like this morning. My hair is getting longer and has started acting crazy. The joy of having hair that's getting longer. I still would love to cut my hair off but I don't have the heart to cut it off after having let it grow for about a year now.

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