I started going to the gym again. I'm still suffering from a cough... but I really felt that I had to go in today. I think its down to my having missed the gym so much, and that workout high. Before I went yesterday, I'd given myself a few days to give my lungs to clear up (as I write this I'm still not feeling great; sore throat, cough and sinus pain) but couldn't bare waiting any longer for my chest. When I ran both yesterday and today my lungs were fine during the time I was on the treadmill. I really love that feeling when I know my body's been through a good workout.

After the workout this morning, I came into the office. The weather's dropped quite drastically over the last ten days or so. I'm sitting in the office with my winter jacket on and the windows closed. I've been making coffee partly for the caffeine but mainly to keep my hands warm. That's why I had to add my cup of coffee as the extra photo.

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