Our Front Autumnal Garden

..............................had a ton of leaves fall from the birch trees. When I came back from Glasgow they were gone and all on the leaf mould pile cutesy of Mr AF...............good man. I had a perfectly lovely time catching up with a friend, Ann S and dining in a lovely fish restaurant In Glasgow. She makes me laugh and has interestingly different things to say. I was a lady who lunches today. To be honest and only in general I prefer to construct, garden and create than be a real lady of leisure but I still enjoy my days out. I keep thinking that I am back to normal on the health front and that's great but then I do have reminders that my legs are very stiff and sore when I get up out of my seat. I'm actually far better to be on the move. When I got the train home and it being a Friday night, I found myself standing along with a lot of others. I really didn't fancy that and phoned Mr AF to get some pity and told him that I was on the Inverness train. Suddenly the man in the seat next to where I was standing realised upon hearing Inverness that he was on the wrong train  and grabbed his bags and left...... My bottom couldn't have hit the seat fast enough.

I had the cheek to be hungry when I got home and had bacon, eggs and beans...............what a piglet.

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