lanai progress

There has been progress on our building project since I last wrote . . . The stairs have been built! They are now on the side of the lanai, instead of coming off the front, which was actually in violation of code. Any building structure has to be 25 ft from the water here, so now we are conforming! But what's so lovely is that the new stairs have a landing first, and then the stairs. I really like this! It feels much safer.

The roof shingles should go on next week and the inspection for the framing including the stairs will be done too. There are now 2 layers of pressure treated wood installed for the floor and the tiles that look like strips of wood, going on top of that, is slated to start Nov. 1st. I think the screen man is coming October 28th! There is insulation and wood panels for the interior roof to be done, the ceiling fans will need to be installed (we bought them!) and patching up the stucco & painting the entire house a new color is last!! I think we are looking at Thanksgiving as far as timing when this will all be done, but it will be worth it!! 
Other earlier photos/blips showing the journey are HERE. :o)

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