Went for a very short run tonight. First in a v-e-r-y long time. It's been even longer since I did my last (of only two) half marathon. The Great North Run - an amazing event, with about 50,000 participants.

My standard practice, for getting back in to running, is to start with one mile maximum for the first few runs. After the very first one, I have to wait the best part of a week for my legs to recover from the initial shock. Calves in particular will be "tight" and sore. It will be quite a while before being able to "up" the distance and pace. Off road and soft terrain are preferred to starting on road running. Race-wise, 10k (6.25 miles) is my preferred distance. Anything longer takes up too much time with training.

Not aiming for any particular competition these days. The last 10k I did was back in 2003, and that was as training for the somewhat epic Highland Cross charity event. This evening's run was an act of desperation to try and free up my lower back area... strange as it will seem! Specifically the tail area around the coccyx, as I suspect this may be the source of my current sciatic nerve issues. Yes I can run without (sciatic) pain, but putting on the socks and shoes is another matter...

With regard to the hoped for kayak outing, there was no chance. Too sore getting in/out of the thing today.

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