Flying Dead Horses

Sounds like a seventies prog-rock band, doesn't it... 

The party was long over, everyone had gone home, and Trigger was wondering when the side effects of the helium balloon breathing would wear off.

Ok, I have a thing with the Arnofini in Bristol, and sometimes, rarely, there's something in there worth going in for. This is an exhibit by Daphne Wright, and I've subverted it (and indeed inverted it) for todays blip. It is as derelict a horse as one could ever wish to encounter.

Beside me as I type, I have a Kilner jar containing the biggest, buzziest, and probably unhappiest Hornet you've ever have nightmares about. I'm not an expert, and we've had reports of Asian Hornets in the vicinity, which decimate our native bee colonies. 

I hate to think I might be trapping and potentially killing one of our native hornets and possibly a Queen, but I'm not willing to take the chance, and I probably don't want to take the lid off right now anyway! Bugrit...

EDIT: Ok, there's a photo of the hornet in extra now. And I'm semi-reliably told it's a native British Hornet, which is good. I'm still not quite ready to release it yet, in case it's really very very unhappy about it's recent tenure... Bear in mind this thing is over two inches long. And buzzy. And right here...


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