A Huddle of Bonnets

Strictly speaking, Mycena arcangeliana, (thank you for the identification Paula), emerging from a chunk of rotting wood in Jubilee Wood on the edge of Charnwood Forest. I love the shapes they make. Angels' Bonnets.

Basil and I had gone to the wood to find out if any misty shots were to be had, but the mist was clearing and, unlike the trees on the roadsides which are bright with Autumn colour, the trees in the wood remain predominantly green.

Popped in to see Sue and Kal. Camera club tonight with a travelogue on India. 

How could I have neglected to mention that Len and I are celebrating our 43rd wedding anniversary today! Len bought me an exquisite orchid, which I hope to blip soon, and a couple of gluten free cupcakes. I have been touched that so many people on Facebook have wished us well - 90 so far, and possibly counting.

Out to dinner at Livios on Thursday evening. Basil can come too. He curls up under the table.

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