Today we had a number of meetings… mostly to do with the schedule for the next three months and who's doing what. There's some weeks where my personal schedule is absolutely packed with both stuff for myself as well as office and internship related things.

I think I slept about ten hours last night. I'm still really tired all the time. Also woke up with a slight headache. Not the easiest of days, I then came home, though I stopped at the nearby shopping centre got something.

Today I also got my boarding pass for the trip to England. I'm looking forwards to going back to England but not to the fact that I have to get through ten days in England with only a carry on. I didn't want to pay €132 (£118) for both journeys so I could put a piece of luggage in the hold. Trying not to think about it… or what I'm going to do about transport getting to the airport to fly to the UK or when I come back.

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