Normal Day

I just went and typed out a nice long description and then got logged out of the system, and thus lost my post. Really annoying! However, I'm glad that the other problems I've had to deal with when posting on Blipfoto have been disappearing.

Anyway, I thought I'd post a blip of my morning coffee and my journal, which I'll have finished over the next few weeks. I'll be glad when I've finished with this particular brand of journal, Paperblanks. The paper's a little too thick for my liking and the lines are slightly too widely spaced, so it means that when I write a normal entry it covers more pages... I've got a Moleskine sitting on the shelf for me to use when I've finished this one, if I wanted to use that. I also have another Paperblanks that needs filling. Maybe when I've finished the queue of notebooks I'm going to use I'll get myself a blank Moleskine (without lines in it)... I almost bought a Leuchtturm1917 but decided to stay with Moleskine, out of the fact I didn't like the layout of the Leuchtturm1917 notebooks.

I'm still drinking my beloved coffee. I've dropped the amount of coffee I'm drinking because I've been struggling getting enough sleep at night. So instead of drinking more coffee to stay awake I'm aiming to drink less and get more sleep. There's been a few nights when I've been asleep before 21:00 (9pm)... just because I've nodded off.

I went to the gym this morning and had an absolute blast. I ran 5km in the best time I've done in about three years. My best 5km record ever is 29'29" however since I put on weight and stopped exercising, my fitness went through the floor. So I'm now fitting to regain the record I once set. I know that for some, the time I'm aiming to break is a piece of cake to run, but for me this is a big deal. I'm feeling a lot better now than I did three months ago.

There's the Student Life Group tonight. I'm looking forwards to joining it for the first time!

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