My Year in Pictures

By jenny

Chilli red

So say!

If I reach the end of the day and say to James "I've not picked up the camera yet today, what on earth am I going to blip?", without fail he says "the xxx" where xxx is any one of his numerous fish.

And I always say "no".

However tonight I said "okay".

What possessed me?! There's even less control over fish than dogs or cows. And you've got a tank, all it's paraphernalia and reflections to deal with.

However this arowana curved at just the right time when it was under it's special light and the red looked pretty cool.

A wee bit of boost to it's vibrancy and some mucking around with the background in Viveza (don't use it much but when I do I rather like it!) and there you have it.

The answer will definitely be "no" in the future.

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