Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Life is Uncertain, Eat Dessert First!

Well, here we are... penultimate day for BCAM2016 and I usually blip a breast cancer survivor! Don't have to go too far from home... G actually dressed up for me (after I asked!!)

So... to put things in context...

It's been quite a year. A very busy one. G has gone non-stop and continues in great health and energy, until the end of May when she had a hiccup. That was a real low, but she's jumped back from that too; and in the summer, while I worked in the London office, she walked up and down Central London exploring everything.

In the summer, we met Margaret; a 77 year old Elder in the URC Church we went to while on holiday. She was the picture of health, and probably someone G is going to be looking to for inspiration. In the meantime, she continues to want to quit her job and start being the entrepreneur she's always wanted to be. Time is of the essence...

As for my title, G wouldn't eat dessert first, but she certainly would eat it. It's her favourite course! :D

Apart from that, it's been a typical Sunday, except we got to have samosas at work on account of Diwali (yum) and we ate at Biella with Marja and then went clothes shopping in M&S (as you do!)

Would you click here please to help donate free mammograms?

PS. Just realised I normally do this on 31st October! Oh well...

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