the Dancing Smith

We were invited to meet our old friend Karin at Gålsjöbruk today. She and Joel, the smith were going to be using the smithy. The only other people around were a handful of asylum-seekers, there used to be 150 living there but he place is being wound down as it's no longer needed.

It's way out in the countryside, and might seem a strange place to put new arrivals - but despite the lack of neighbours and urban life it has worked very well. The locals have become involved and there have been a lot of activities. Such as the smithy being in operation!

I took a hundred photos, ok 96, and Karin, Keith and Kjell made things. I don't like being rushed and I felt the smithy was too small for 5 people (only one of them with much experience) to be wandering about with red hot metal in their tongs! It was good to be the busy photographer for once, I usually only take about 5 or 6 a day at most.  At the end of the afternoon there was a toasting fork, a poker, a clasp for a shawl.

Joel was working on a candlestick. Here he's twisting a rod of hot metal and showing how to literally put your back (and legs) into it!

There is masses of "first" snow at home, it looks absolutely beautiful and I would normally have blipped it, however the smith won. There was almost no snow as we drove inland and north, and then there was none at all. weirdly localised storm, how lucky we were!

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