Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Tiny Tuesday Election Day

Finally, this long-awaited day has arrived and now - maybe - people can calm down and carry on.  The results have yet to be determined and I am avoiding the news until this evening - hanging over each news report isn't going to change the outcome and I really don't need the stress.

So, my antidote to all the craziness?  Well, I invited the Tinies to come out and play!  They were extremely accommodating while I fiddled and faffed.  This image is a the result of using Helicon Remote (tethered to my desktop computer) to shoot 36 images which were then focus-stacked in Helicon Focus.  Not perfect, but good enough for today.  Like I said, the Tinies were very patient throughout the process.  In fact, they posed for a few other shots, just for up some fall foliage and getting ready to vote.

It is another beautiful sunny day so I have been outside for a bit this morning, enjoying the birds, squirrels and chipmunks.  Very early this morning, I grabbed this shot of a beautiful Cardinal, bathed in morning light.  Were it not Tiny Tuesday, I would have gone with this as my blip.  

There is at least still one red-headed nuthatch busy gathering and stashing seeds around the yard, in the woods, even in some of the potted plants.  I can't decide which is more adorable - the nuthatch or Scoobie.  Definitely got my fix of cuteness today.

Hubs and I are off to take care of some family matters this afternoon.  

Special thoughts going out to RedFlash and SimpleMoments today.  And big thanks to Ninniex for hosting Tiny Tuesday!


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