By D77

Stars and Stripes

The 100km speed limit is seldom adhered to on this strip of road connecting my area to the highway.

Today, whilst cruising along at the required speed, an Omani in a Hummer sped right up to within half a metre of me and started furiously flashing his lights.

This annoyed me. I touched the brakes lightly and signalled to pull aside and upon doing so, the idiot undercut me at a ridiculous speed with his hand on the horn the whole time. To make matters worse, his Hummer was full of young kids, two of whom were jumping up and down in the passenger seat.

Unbelievable, yet sadly very common.

I was once a phone call away from jail for sticking my fingers up at another idiot Omani driver who almost smashed into me at a roundabout. It can be crazy out here at times!

My internet is still totally buggered and you are reading this thanks to my wonderful phone. It's just taken me about half an hour to type this using my tiny keypad so I hope you will forgive any grammatical or spelling mistakes!

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